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Manhattan Sunset…

Manhattan Sunset
One of my favorite shots of the sunset over Manhattan, as viewed from Fulton Ferry Landing at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge. So much better if you view it large.
Before I could finish editing the photos from my trip to Philly and New York, I had to wrap up the proofs from the latest engagement session. Amy & Zach were so fabulous to work with, I’m actually using one of their photos in an upcoming magazine ad! Yes, I took the plunge last week, and there will be a Fresh Photography ad in a future wedding magazine. How cool is that?
Next up – senior portraits, newborn portraits, cotillion fashion show photographs, and the family reunion / 50th anniversary photographs from this weekend. My goal is to make it through as many of them as possible this week, then tons of updates to the website! Hang on tight – it is going to be a fast ride!

By Christine
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Absolutely breathtaking! Just absolutely loved the picture! Just started some photography myself, hence truly appreciate this piece of art! Please do keep on posting!! Cheers!!

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