A Cow Parade?

Houston Cow Parade. We have a Cow Parade? I never even knew. Who would have thought. Thanks to Sherry for the link. Her site is working just fine now, as is Melissa’s. Must have been random internet weirdness earlier.

By Christine

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5 replies on “A Cow Parade?”

I saw some of these when I went to the Galleria yesterday. Places like Foley’s and Hallmark have the little ones. Some of them are weird but others are quite cute, even though I’m not a cow collector.

That is SO cool!!! I wonder how much a little one would be. If it’s like $20-$30, would someone be so kind as to get one for me? I’d be happy to send the money via PayPal or something. If they’re like $50+ (which is most likely), then nevermind. :o)

Oh Christine, I can’t wait for the photos! I want to go soooo bad, but Lonnie has had his fair share of Houston and refuses to go. Phhhoey! I may still sucker him into going for the parade. I think it’s totally awesome! They had some small cows in Fredericksburg, but they were from last year’s parade in New York, not Texas. Blah.

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