Women’s suffrage called ‘mistake’ by conservative Kansas politician “She says she votes and believes women should have the right to cast their ballot. But, she adds, if men were doing their job of taking care of women and children, women wouldn’t be required to vote.”

I am generally a pretty conservative person. But I am a PERSON, and damn it, I am not the property of some man, and I deserve the right to vote. Oh my goodness. I want to scream. A mistake? Tearing families apart? Are we going back to the Dark Ages now? Gee, we can all move to Afghanistan and live under the Taliban rule! (Link thanks to Todd, who got it from Erika.)

By Christine

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One reply on “A MISTAKE???”

Some of the biggest freaks in the States come out of Kansas. What a crock of SHIT. Kansas, in general, is full of uneducated hicks. Did you know that 50% of the women here make less than $15,000 a year? It’s a wonder that they even vote at all, and that would explain why someone like KAY would be elected. I sure in the hell didn’t vote for her.

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