Do you know what today is? Huh? Huh? Do you know what today is? Huh?

Halo 3 comes out TODAY!

I need to go pick up Jason’s copy from my Mom, and in about 3 hours from now the battle will begin over me making him do homework first BEFORE he gets to play Halo 3. I will win. I will be victorious. It will be a difficult fight though, so I am preparing myself. Or he will go for his alternative tactic of being super willing to do anything and everything I ask so he can get what he wants. It always throws me when he does that, but I am prepared for anything today!

I seriously thought this day would never come. I’ve been hearing a countdown for it ALL SUMMER LONG. I am so glad it is finally here!

By Christine

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7 replies on “AT LAST!!!”

How wise of you to have Grandma go pick up “the game” because I was powerless to resist the young man at Gamestop and his sly pitch – “Would you like to reserve Call of Duty 4”? And before I knew what I was doing — I reserved it.

Oh . . . and mine is playing Halo 3 RIGHT NOW (shhh . . . don’t tell Jason!)

Did I know? My child (er, 37 year old husband) was in line so he could pick it up at midnight. And he did. Then he played til 2:30 am before going to bed. He had intended to take today off of work to play but a pesky court set a hearing and Halo isn’t a reason to get a continuance. Won the hearing, and is now playing some more…

Um, I just don’t get the Halo thing — at midnight, I went with the new guy to a strip mall in the northeast to wait in line (he waiting in line), to pick up the new Halo for his son. I felt like I should have been wearing dark glasses, a blond wig, a trench coat and a hat!


How funny! We’re not into the Halo thing yet, but we definately have own vices. I love having some kind of motivating factor to hold over my children’s heads to get them to do things. Housework seems to get done much more quickly that way.

My husband was telling me how he asked the question to our son “Do you know what happens in 13 days? Ski Season!” and my son said “Do you know what happens in 6 hours? Halo 3 comes out!” The boys have their priorities!

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