Baby In a Tube…

Wow. I still remember when the first test tube baby was born, and how controversial it all was at the time. Now the first person conceived via IVF, Louise Brown, is 30 years old.

I know many people that have used In Vitro Fertilization to successfully have children, so it is hard to believe it has been only 30 years. At the same time, it is weird to look back and think about all the controversy that surrounded it back then.

I wonder if someday we’ll have the same feeling about other controversial topics? I’m personally all for stem cell research — I don’t think that one should be controversial at all. What about cloning? What other things might become more of a norm in the future? It makes me want to go get one of these cheap online psychic readings to know what is coming in my future. I honestly prefers this Psychic Reading because I´m able to contact my dead relatives.


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