Baby In a Tube…

Wow. I still remember when the first test tube baby was born, and how controversial it all was at the time. Now the first person conceived via IVF, Louise Brown, is 30 years old.

I know many people that have used In Vitro Fertilization to successfully have children, so it is hard to believe it has been only 30 years. At the same time, it is weird to look back and think about all the controversy that surrounded it back then.

I wonder if someday we’ll have the same feeling about other controversial topics? I’m personally all for stem cell research — I don’t think that one should be controversial at all. What about cloning? What other things might become more of a norm in the future? It makes me want to go get one of these cheap online psychic readings to know what is coming in my future. I honestly prefers this Psychic Reading because I´m able to contact my dead relatives.


By Christine

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30 years – I can hardly believe it.

Stem cells saved Deb’s life – Adult to adult – Jim’s bone marrow was a 100% match – they gave him a drug that ’caused his stem cells to multiple to 4 mil. in 3 days.

I was just thinking about this woman the other day because Dale’s grandmother was discussing IVF with me. I’m currently pregnant with our second child, both conceived thanks to IVF. I’m very grateful for the advances in this field. I couldn’t have become pregnant otherwise.

I’ll weigh in a little on stem cell research… since I’m like transplanted and all. Embryonic stem cells have shown that they basically grow too quickly and don’t mature. They are causing tumors and that’s why they aren’t safe yet for human research. I wish MORE people would focus on the possibilities of adult stem cells and umbilical stem cells for transplants. These have been proven to work (I’m now 28 mos in remission). My transplant nurse at MDA was 22 YEARS in remission from her stem cell transplant.

Too bad WE don’t have a Michael J. Fox type to tout the possibilities e.g. a woman had stem cells taken from her own nose and then engrafted onto her spine – as she was paralyzed from the neck down. She now has use of her arms/hands and can walk with assistance. But no one knows about this type of stuff because it’s all about the useless embryonic cells. I honestly keep my opinion about the controversy pretty much to myself (uh. Catholic Deacon dad), but I really wish people would spread the word more about adult stem cells and cord blood cells. [end of soapbox] LOVE you chica. I’m in H-town until at least Wed of next week, maybe more.

Hey Christine! I don’t comment often, so when I read this I just wanted to chime in.

I have to agree with JW. I wish there were more people promoting the other forms of Stem Cell research. I don’t know anything about adult stem cells, but I think it’s great if it can happen. I’ve contributed cord blood when I had my two year old and I’ll do the same when I have my next child. I don’t know if my cord blood was used for anything substantial, but just knowing that I’ve donated makes me feel good. I wish more people would do the same! Okay, I’m done!

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