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Bad Journalism…

According to this Los Angeles Times Editor’s Note, it seems that it is bad journalism to photoshop photos together to get the front page image you want to present. A hearty “way to go!” to the photographer, who was fired for what he did. [via Anil]

By Christine

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7 replies on “Bad Journalism…”

Yup, I’m all for Photoshopping photos when it’s for artistic purposes, but not when it’s journalism… the only Photoshopping acceptable then is sharpening, leveling, and cropping when necessary. 🙂

i’m actually surprised the newpaper had a policy against this. i know they’re supposed to be unbiased … but it doesn’t seem like it sometimes. kudos to the times for firing this guy. also, i’m curious how many other pictures over the course of his employment he photoshopped.

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