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The lovely & wonderful Robyn not only runs a fantastic blog, but she also is the proud owner of the best wedding site ev-ah! I don’t care if you’re getting married or not, you really should check out Wholly Matrimony! which was featured today in an article at MSNBC! Can we say “SWEET!!!”?

I just had to share the comment I left on Robyn’s blog though. Is it just me or is this really amusing? “The couple was married on Sept. 28, 2001, at Bitter End Yacht Club in the British Virgin Islands.” If I was getting married, somehow I don’t think I could possibly get married at a place called “Bitter End” … that seems like it would be a bad omen, don’t you think?

By Christine

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Actually, I went to that place and it’s very nice. It’s an odd name but when you’re getting married in paradise, one tends to forget things like that. I’m so moving to the BVI eventually … as soon as they get cable internet connections! *grin*

Ooo, I got it … I got it. Maybe it’s because you’re leaving your bitter ends behind and starting anew. At least they didn’t decide to book “The Last Resort” in nearby Tortola.

…can’t help noting that this amazingly ironical resort is located in the _Virgin_ islands – not the most promising place for a wedding night (let’s just hope the couple wasn’t British 😉

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