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But Who Would Win?

As we waited in the long line to see Return of the King, Mike asked the big question:

If they were to face off, one-on-one, who would win – Gandalf or Dumbledore? Why? Please discuss…

[Dedicated to Erika, who might just be the biggest Harry Potter fan after all.]

By Christine

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20 replies on “But Who Would Win?”

I should add that when Mike asked me about it, I was confused. “Dumbledore? Who is that?” I was running through a mental list of all the characters before I figured out that he meant the Harry Potter Dumbledore!

I think you under estimate the apparating skills of Dumbledore. Yeah sure Gandalf has a bigger staff (*snicker*) but I think Dumbledore will employ an apparate-a-dope tactic to tire out old Ganders.

Mind you, if Dumbledore came across a Balrog (sp?) he’d probably wet himself… tough one to call if you ask me… (and Dumbledore gets a bit tougher in the later books)

I don’t know. I think in a knockdown drag out fight that Gandalf would win. However, in a wizard fight Dumbledore might be the victor. Can’t wait for HP III to come out next June. I love me some Harry Potter!

Hm. True, Glamdring is a fairly impressive sword, and Gandalf is the wielder of the secret flame of Anor. Still, Dumbledore hasn’t really let loose his full power as a wizard in a head to head confrontation, preferring much more subtle methods of intervention. Bear in mind the power necessary to hide Hogwarts from the Muggles – this is only rivaled by the power of Elrond and the elves to protect Rivendell. That’s got to count for something.

I’d have to give the battle to Gandalf the White, but I’m not so sure about Gandalf the Grey…

Gandalf can take Dumbledore for sure. But if he had to face down Yoda, who do you think would win? (I dunno why, but that was what I was asking myself while I was watching LOTR 3). Personally, I think that Gandalf can take Yoda too.

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