Childhood Hell…

I mentioned earlier that Chelsey called. In the conversation we were talking about two kids that picked a fight with her son at school after PE last Friday. “Because they were playing Dodgeball, and Jordan is really good at Dodgeball, and he got them out. Some kids just hate the kids that are good at it.” That game is still LEGAL? It brought back flashbacks of some of the worst recesses and PE classes of my life. I HATED Dodgeball. With all of the other “politically correct” (aka stupid) things our country has outlawed, how can dodgeball be allowed? Yes, let’s line kids up as human targets and then hand another kid with a mighty powerful kick and amazing aim and a ball to HURL at the human targets. I remember getting hit in the stomach HARD with a dodgeball. Hurt like HELL. Sure, that ball might be soft, squishy and light weight, but when that sucker is flying at you at 1000 mph, it HURTS. So I ask again – why are they still allowed to play this game in school? Is there somewhere where I can sign a petition or something to get it outlawed once and for all?

Dodgeball. *shudder* My heart is racing just thinking about it. I can still see Carmen or Theresa there, in their cute little plaid uniform skirts, lining up the perfect kick – right at me. Eek!

By Christine

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heh, christine, i am with you on this. my staff at work wanted to have a match up between another staff in the quad (another dorm) in dodgeball…i refused to play because i remember the pain. i rarely played in school except when it was required at pe and even then i faked cramps. the only good thing about starting puberty early, i think. 🙂

Kids can’t run on the playground in my town. They can’t jump rope on grass, only on blacktop. They can’t wear t-shirts to school.

I’ll have to check to see if dodgeball is still legal, but yeah, your post brought back memories. And a few snickers.

I wasn’t one of those kids who was great at throwing, but I was great at ducking. One of the smallest in the class.

I can’t believe that game is still around, though.

Dodgeball. Four Squares. Keep Away. Bad bad bad games. They bring out the worst sports in us. Bad enough PE is hard on some kids.

Unlike test and homework, which aren’t noticeable to other students… PE is very noticeable. But, we do need it… it’s a matter of how can we best teach it.

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