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Do You iTune?

I’ve been using iTunes 4.1 for quite some time. Problem is, now I want to wipe my iPod clean and start fresh because it has some buggy issues at times. (Screens freezing in slide transitions, etc.) I’m hoping that with a quick reformat, it will heal itself. Only problem is, in order to use the iPod Updater to reformat, I need to upgrade my iTunes software to version 4.6.

Is that a big deal?

One of my main reasons to hesitate on this is how iTunes marries itself to your iPod and your computer – at least from what I have heard. There are at least 3 computers here that I might use at any given time to update my iPod, and I don’t want to be locked down. (I would probably use the laptop, but it really needs to go in for repair soon to fix the whole delete key issue, so I’m trying to plan ahead.) I recall reading a great post that Matt wrote about this when iTunes made the change, but I can’t find it now. found right here.

Added to the mix, we keep all of our mp3s on our main computer, but Mike has music that I don’t want on the iPod (sorry, but Irish fiddle music just isn’t my thing normally. Or Japanese drums. He has a lot of both of those.) so I don’t want to have to put everything on the iPod. I don’t think I would have to, but just in case. I don’t want my sync with the PC to jack with the existing music collection there. Again, I don’t think it will – but you have to preplan for these things.

What have been your experience with iTunes? Anyone using one iPod with two computers? Are there problems? I would love your feedback. Oh, and I’m considering Anapod because drag & drop just sounds easier than dealing with iTunes. Feel free to share feedback on Anapod too if you have any. And thank you for your help.

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I can’t help you with dual syncing (we don’t do that) and I’m on a Mac, but I think this piece of advice will help you: set up playlists (or smart playlists) with what you want on the iPod and use it to sync. I have had excellent results doing that with my iPod.

I’d be interested to hear what you think of anapod – I’m currently taking songs from cd to Musicmatch and then to Itunes because Itunes doesn’t recognize my cd driver. blech…

I’ve flashed my iPod several times and upgraded iTunes several times as well. The music is (if protected) protected for a particular computer, not user, iPod, or version of iTunes.

The restriction is only on purchased music (Kind=”Protected AAC”). Other types of music, such as WAV, MP3 or AAC/MP4 files are all freely copyable to any machine.

Generally the only source of “Protected AAC” format files is the iTunes Music Store.

I am enjoying using iTunes but not with my Ipod. Reason #1 first gen’s don’t work with it #2 I love to make cd’s of the downloaded music i buy, cause the car doesn’t use the ipod yet, so i make cd’s instead, that way i can also share with my hubby [his car and pc’s] and share with myself in [car, cd portable player, and laptop|desktop]

i also am finding that iTunes works well on my WinXP system

good luck

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