Don’t Tell Melissa…

Don’t tell Melissa, but I am an Aggie. I was a die-hard one when I went to school there, but since then the *only* time I have said “Whoop!” in the past 10 years was the one football game I attended. I also didn’t graduate – although I did major in Aggie Tradition and minor in the Dixie Chicken. It’s a special two-year degree plan they offer. They send you home at the end of the two years, but you don’t get a diploma to go with it. You do, however, get a very personal one-on-one meeting with your dean to tell you just how great you did in the Aggie Tradition classes. (and how much you sucked in all the rest of your courses.)

My Aggie days are definately back in the past of my life, but I still thought it was cute when I read her post about her raging Longhorn spirit. (Oh, I call the University of Texas “UT” again, not “tu” like you are programmed to refer to it as when you are a student at A&M.) I am about to start attending A&M Former Student activities though – good networking for the sales job! (I would do a Whoop! for Melissa, but I don’t want her to hate me.)

By Christine

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