Dot Com Downfall

Yesterday they let 7 people go at work. Problem is, they told Naomi they were letting 9 go… so I knew. I knew I was on the short list. I went to work this morning though, business as usual, pumped up & ready to do cold calling as I had planned. I had done all my research, I was ready to run. But about 30 minutes after I arrived – they let me go too. I was #9. (That’s my new motto.) I am fortunate though in that I had some warning. I saw it coming, I wasn’t blindsided like they were yesterday. I have a great background, a wonderful skill set. I could be working at a temp job by next week as a secretary. I can’t be a secretary permanently – it would drive me crazy. We’ll have to see what’s out there.

I loved my job. I loved working with clients for a long list of reasons. I loved my co-workers. I believed in the company. I am sad to go. I know it is for the best though – with the downfall of the dot coms lately I have been very stressed. I will be fine – already am. I will make it. For those that are left there, I hope they make it too.

I am fortunate that I have health insurance through the end of the month. I just found out yesterday that I have kidney stones. I haven’t been feeling well for a week or two, and finally gave in and called the doctor yesterday. I have a kidney test on Friday to check things out. (Good thing I am “off” work, huh?)

Ironic isn’t it that my last post was about reducing stress … ???

By Christine

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