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Dumb Laws…

I already knew that there was a law on the books in Texas still that said Wire cutters can not be carried in your pocket. (You know, so you can’t go cutting fences and stealing cattle.) Some of the other laws are pretty interesting. Check out your state and make sure you’re not breaking any laws that you didn’t know about! [via Faith]

By Christine

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I would like to get as much help as i can about finding out something. Please first except my apolize for asking this But its inportat to me to find out. Is oral sex against the law So many people have told me it is? I need to know and to find out Can you lead me to the right place or answer this for me with some proof. Thank you so much for tken your time to read this

I personally think that oral sex is not illegal because many people do it in chat rooms all the time. good questoion but i am not really sure

It is illegal in SC to throw cans/shoot a road sign from a moving vehicle; however, it IS legal if you are standing still. It is legal to beat your wife on sundays on the court steps for a maximum of two hours. It is illegal for a tractor to exceed 30 MPH on the highway. it is illegal to have oral sex on mondays, wednesdays, and sundays.

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