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Family Discount…

Today my Mom is having Dr. Hand do the carpal tunnel surgery on her right hand, and I realized I haven’t posted an update about my hand in awhile. I’m breaking it down by surgery, because the results are definitely different.

– Carpal Tunnel Surgery: This has been *fabulous* so far. I highly recommend it if you have any carpal tunnel issues. Seriously, the recovery for this wasn’t bad, and now I have no numbness, tingling, pain – nothing. No more splint. I wonder why I waited so long to do this surgery, because it has brought me so much relief. I’m considering doing the left hand during the summer since it has mild to moderate carpal tunnel too.

– DeQuervain’s Syndrome Surgery – This one has not been as fabulous. Basically, they cut the area causing the pain for the tendons leading to the thumb, along the outside of the right wrist. From time to time, I feel like there is a “pulling” feeling of tightness over my wrist. It is getting better, but in hindsight I wish I had just done the carpal tunnel surgery first and then addressed this if it was still a problem afterwards. This part of the surgery was the reason for my giant club cast that I got to wear for two weeks, and it was a month after my surgery before I learned that while the initial recovery is 6 weeks (vs. 2 weeks for carpal tunnel), the full recovery time is 6 months. Ugh.

As for all the other medical issues, we still have no clue. No idea what causes the pain in my right side, which has been better for the past week, so we won’t talk about it and maybe it will stay away. The blood pressure battle is still a matter of finding the right combo of medicine, but at least I’m no longer taking ones that make me swell up like a sausage or give me hives. I’ve actually gone entire weeks lately without seeing any doctors!

I still think my Mom should get a discount on her hand surgery. First the doctor worked on my Dad’s shoulder, then my hand, and now hers – we should get a family rate!

By Christine

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