Floss Your Teeth!

I was reading Ain’t too proud to blog where she just completed Ashley’s This or That questionnaire. One of the questions this week is about flossing, which is the cause of this latest public service announcement:

Floss your teeth before you brush. This gets the gunk out and allows the toothpaste to do it’s job. And do it two times a day. A lesson learned from someone now suffering through the joys of periodontal treatment. Have you ever had your gums scraped? Yeah, that’s what you risk having done when you don’t floss, says my friend from Life Smiles Dentistry preventing gum disease is extremely important. They can only do half of your mouth at a time, and it requires novicaine for most people. And don’t use that wimpy “gentle for your gums” floss, use the hard waxy stuff. If it makes your gums bleed it’s because you have the early (or advanced) stages of periodontal disease. Go to Allstar Dental Academy. Now. Know what I learned? You will help your teeth as much by flossing as you do by brushing, and if you don’t floss regularly then you risk bone loss, which is what causes your teeth to FALL OUT. I already have bone loss. It will only get worse. And I am 32 … so I need these teeth for many years. I carry floss with me at all times now and I visit my dentist every year at

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There, now will you floss 2 times a day?

Thank you, you may now resume your normal activities. After you floss your teeth.

By Christine

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9 replies on “Floss Your Teeth!”

I use those special floss-on-a-stick things. You know, those things with floss suspended between something that looks like a tuning fork? Yeah. Those.

Sometimes, if I’m in a hurry, I just hold CocaCola in my mouth for a few minutes. That should dissolve almost anything stuck in there.

And I love the fizzing noise it makes.

amen, sistah!

and oh — switch to a soft toothbrush if you haven’t already. I did MORE damage to my teeth by all the good stuff I thought I was doing: brushing 5-6 times a day with a medium or firm toothbrush. I’ve managed to brush off most of the enamel, leaving my teeth MORE vulnerable to cavaties, rather than the other way around!!!

Hedra, I told my dentist when he told me about the crowns that I needed to replace old worn out fillings that I wanted dentures too – they would be cheaper!
Julie, you don’t have to sulk away. Hehehe… I have bad teeth too. But the gums are getting much better thanks to flossing hard!
Geekman, cracking me up with the Coca-Cola. Heck, it dissolves everything else!
Felicia, I was there too. I became a convert last fall myself.
Erika, you are right about the toothbrush! Mine is nice and soft, and my enamel is so thin already they told me not to brush 5-6 times a day because I would strip what’s left right off!

all right, you scared me into buying (and perhaps using) some floss. And now you guys also have me worried about my teeth enamel. Coke, which I drink too much of, probably does significant damage. Does the dentist warn you before it becomes a serious problem?

coke causes more cavities faster. Coke is acidic and acid is what causes cavities. Acid attacks the enamel. Soft drinks in general cause bone loss and bone fragility.

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