Forgot to mention

That last entry there… just a side note… probably should mention I would have to actually GO on a date to then have SEX to get pregnant! *grin* Sorry, Nicole’s comment amused me, especially considering this past weekend was the first date I had been on since May. And, unlike this last date, that date sucked way bad. Very, very bad. We met for dinner. He asked “How does Mexican food sound?” I am a big fan of the margarita and the fajita, so I said it was a great idea. He took me to Casa Ole. Freakin’ Casa Ole. What is that, 2 steps up from Taco Bell? Heck, the food at Taco Cabana tastes a thousand time better than that bland crap food at Casa Ole. Then the next day he decides he is still suffering from “Post-Divorce Stress Syndrome” and doesn’t want to date yet anyways. Probably a good idea, he isn’t going to woo too many women with Casa Ole. Bah. New date guy? We have talked several times and I am looking forward to hopefully getting to see him again soon. Much, much better date. *wink* But … I am not hopping into bed with him any time soon, so I still won’t be pregnant. And yes, much to the amazement of children and adults around the world … sex makes babies. Even if you use birth control. So if you don’t want to take the risk of having a baby … don’t have sex.

Sex makes Babies. Spread the word.

Seems to be lots of prego teens around here that must have missed that basic lesson. (And no, I am not claiming to be a saint, I have been around the block too many times and learned too many lessons the hard way.) Anyone else want to comment? Opinion time! Talk Back!

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(I do have to add, though, that she was about 45 (would be 55 now) and she had lived in rural S. Georgia (where the subject of sex is still taboo) all of her life, so it’s not that she was a stupid woman, just formerly ignorant.)

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