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Fresh MovableType!

Get the latest release! MovableType has released version 2.64, with many good things:

This is a maintenance release, fixing various CSS, XML-RPC, UI, and Creative Commons errors. This release also plugs a number of cross-site-scripting (script injection) holes for search queries, comments, TrackBacks, and notifications, and is recommended for anyone using any of these features. We have also improved the options for available RSS templates–in addition to the RSS 1.0 template that we have always provided, the default templates now include an RSS 2.0 template instead of a 0.91 template. Also in the default templates, this release fixes the rendering of the default stylesheet (“Clean”) on Windows Internet Explorer.

First of all, I should note that if you’re using an older version of MT, you are at risk to security holes. There is a reason that updates come out – and why it’s important that you do them.

Now on to the most important thing for me… Whoo hoo! RSS 2.0 is now a default template! Yum, yum! Tasty RSS feeds for everyone! You do have an RSS feed, right? You know why you want RSS, don’t you?

I’ve been thinking about this recently – how many people read this site through RSS feeds instead of online? If you’re one of them, could you drop by and leave me a comment so I know? There isn’t a good way to track who is feed reading a site, so I thought I should just ask!

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I do both. I always read your site at night from home through a news reader thing. (Oh dang! I can’t even think of the name of it now. The one with orange on their home page.) And, through a browser sometimes at work and at home.

I’m going to fix my own RSS feeds this weekend since I’ve now been informed that I’ve mixed elements from 0.91 and 2.0 on the same template. Even though it validates, apparently, that’s a big no-no.

I read via RSS (NetNewsWire).

It shouldn’t really be much harder to track RSS readers than it is browser readers. The hits still show up in the logs; they’re just hits on the RSS file instead of the HTML files.

I also use NetNewsWire to read RSS feeds for blogs (as well as for tech news sites, etc.). It’s much easier to see who has updated and when, on a regularly timed basis without any hassles!

I will sometimes go to your site, though, if I feel like leaving a comment or checking some of your photos or links.

I, too, am an RSS reader (NewzCrawler) and will visit for photos & comments… (like – DON’T FORGET TAR4 TONIGHT!!!!! WOOO HOOO!!!!). Also, Sometimes, I just want to see the site, instead of how my newsreader displays the entry.

I strongly believe in the use of RSS and can’t believe that there are sites I visit without a feed!

OK. Maybe I’m just missing something completely obvious. I just updated to MT 2.64, and the RSS 0.91 template is still listed in the Index Templates section (and no RSS 2.0 Index is available). Is there something special I need to do to use RSS 2.0?!

I wish there was an easy way to keep track, because I would like to know who reads my site via RSS too.

Anyway, I read your blog thru NewzCrawler about 85% of the time. The rest of the time I just pop by. Hope this helps. 🙂

I read your blog using NetNews Lite. There would be a way of tracking by creating a cgi script that you point RSS readers to that responds with the feed. The alternative is using your web logs to make a quick check.

Actually, with a little bit of magic, you should be able to tell from the server logs who is requesting the main page and who is requesting the feed page. I’ll have to think more on that.

It’s not tricky or magical to figure out who is reading the feed and who is reading via the web. Just look at the logs. The single most important piece of information in a web server log is the resource (page) requested. If it’s the RSS file, they’re getting the RSS file. If it’s an HTML file, they’re not. It’s very simple to distinguish.

RSS! NetNewsWire (Pro) is the best. 🙂 Occassionally I come to the site for the full deal, but mostly read on RSS to see if there is more there I want to follow-up on.

I go in phases. Sometimes I catch up on all my fav blogs (including this one) via NewzCrawler. Other times I just link off my blogroll. Sometimes I wanna use my browser, other times I just wanna read the posts in NewzReader.

MT and RSS
Like I said yesterday: Movable Type 2.64 has been released. I’ll be upgrading later today or tomorrow after I get the courage to do it, since my blog is now running on MySQL and I’m with a new host; but…

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