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Friday Countdown…

Recently, Jennifer has been serving up tasty helpings of Vin for everyone’s enjoyment. I’ve been so … uhm … moved … yeah, moved by Heath Ledger in the commercials for “The Order”, I thought I would share him to help get you through the rest of the day. Click for a larger version.

The movie doesn’t look like anything I would enjoy. Heath Ledger does. Just to set the record straight. Yummmm…

Edited: Since Amy pointed out that the first photo I posted of Heath wasn’t his best (I was pressed for time), I have changed out the photo to a new one that is a shot from “The Order”. He just looks so delicious… The other photo is now in the extended entry.

By Christine

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ROFL! Sorry, I only had about 3 minutes to find a picture of him. I found a better one – but it would have required Photoshop to fix it up, and I don’t have it here at work. I’ll share a better one later…

Mmmm. He is pretty hot…wonder why I haven’t noticed him before? I know who he is, but never really took a good look at him. I just might have to carry on the theme and post a pic of my hollywood heartthrob, Vince Vaughn. Yummy yummy!


i’ve seen this film too. and its one of my favourite film. i like him too in the four feathers. i would never have watched this movie but when i saw heath i wanted to. and now i love that movie. every time the same!
i love him 🙂 ciao jule

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