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American Television’s Finest!

I *heart* the Eiffel TowerScene: Mike, flipping channels as men are known to do, stops to watch a show involving guys with crazy looking goatees and an 18-wheeler.

Me: See? You don’t get quality television like this in London, do you?
Mike: No, no you definitely don’t.
Me: Wait. What is this? The truck version of “Pimp My Ride?” (Another American Classic, I tell you.)
Mike: Yes! It is “Trick My Truck” and it is on CMT ALL day! (Flips to show TiVo Guide to illustrate “Trick My Truck” goodness.)
Me: Oh. My. God. I am *so* blogging this.

Ahhh… American television at its finest.

By Christine

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I laughed when I found out about Trick My Truck! CMT is always doing a country version of MTV–first Total Request Live versus Most Wanted Live, now this!

Doesn’t the same parent company own both MTV and CMT?

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