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Get Some Lager…

I seem to have taken on a new role as a P.R. person lately. It’s all good though, I don’t mind at all. Just spreading the news here!

Mike is in a group called the Lager Rhythms. They are an a cappella group, although they cheat sometimes and use harmonicas when they perform. (Don’t tell the a cappella police though…) Several H-Town Blogs members have seen them perform and can verify that it is a fun and entertaining event. This Saturday, for the first time in months, they will be performing again IN PUBLIC for all to enjoy!

Place: Anderson Fair (Their site has a map to their location)
Date: June 21, this Saturday.
Time: Doors open at 8, and they will probably go on stage between 8:30 and 9. You should get there early anyway, so you can get a seat, relax and eat and drink and visit and so forth. It’s not a huge venue, and last time it was standing room only for late arrivals. You get to be up close & personal, nice and cozy.
Cost: $8 at the door. Bring extra cash if you want a CD or a t-shirt, which I’m sure they will have for sale.

Anderson Fair serves both coffee and alcohol. It is not a nightclub or bar in that sense, move of a pub type feel, or a restaurant as they call themselves. It is a kid friendly enough venue that I might bring my son with me. He has seen them perform and had a blast.

AFTER THE SHOW: We will probably hang out right there at Anderson Fair for a bit while they mingle with the crowd, and then find a local spot for a late dinner or dessert. Katz’s is just down the road, and I haven’t had their fried pickles in awhile…

Hope to see you there!

By Christine

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5 replies on “Get Some Lager…”

Count me as another Lager Rhythms fan! I am really looking forward to this gig.

(I still want them to sing Atomic Dog, even though I’m pretty sure they never will. Can’t you just hear Mike singing “Bow wow wow yippie o yippie ay bow wow yippie o yippie ay”?)

Oh Ratty, yes, yes there is. Yummmmmmy fried pickles! They are *so* good! They are battered and fried just like fried cheese or fried jalepanos. Do you have Black-Eyed Pea restaurants there? They have fried pickles there that are GREAT!

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