Hunger Pains

I am hungry, for food that you can really chew. But when I think about it – I am really not hungry. It’s just that I am stuck doing this prep thing for the IVP kidney test I have to have tomorrow, and I am on a clear liquid diet for 24 hours. Blah. No food since 3pm today (I cheated, I was supposed to start at 1pm – oops) And I wish someone could tell me why my instructions say, “Clear Liquids include … all of the following that are NOT colored red or purple: Gatorade, carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, Kool-Aid, plain Jello and ice Popsicles.” Of course I was all set on Sugar-Free Cherry Kool-aid and some red Jello before I read that. Fortunately I had some Sugar-Free Lemonade here to drink instead. Unfortunately, no other jello. I just don’t understand why it can’t be red or purple.

I was cool with the job situation when I went to bed last night. I woke up this morning in a very grumpy mood. I guess it all goes in cycles, huh? I have been tapping into every resource I have at my disposal though already, but I want to get through this kidney stone stuff before I start lining up interviews. Wouldn’t be a good thing to have to cancel. I have some things in mind though that could work really well and I could be very happy doing – just have to work out some of the details. We’ll see how it all turns out.

Was going to try to stop by & see the former Sava gang (and a few of the ones left) tomorrow at noon (they are having lunch, but I can’t eat before the test), but realized tonight that I have to do the last part of this prep 1 hour before my test – and I have to be at the test at 1pm. Also, RoadRunner is coming out between 8am and 1pm to fix my cable modem – so I have to stay close to home. My luck they will come while I am taking Jason to school. Augh! Lets hope not – I can’t handle this slow dial-up access. And I keep forgetting to forward the phone to the cell phone before I get online.

Many thanks to Naomi, Julie, Sabby, Kymberlie and everyone else for your support through all of this. It really helps, considering all that is going on. Julie – congratulations again on getting Greymatter up & running! You will *love* Seattle – it is one of my favorite places. Let me know if it rains while you are there – it has never rained when I have been there except for a light mist the day I leave – I think they just tell everyone it rains a lot to keep us from all moving there. Naomi – if I had not had you to listen to me for the past few months I don’t know how I would have made it. When I am rich I will pay you for all of the free therapy. When things get you down, just remember Bunny Does it Better … that makes any woman smile. Kymberlie – thanks for having lunch with me yesterday to celebrate. I needed that. And thank you too for all the times you have been there to hear me rant. I love my sassy fixed hairdo – glad you were willing to wait for me to have her cut it. Sabby – you always manage to make me smile – and somedays that is the best treat of all. The rest of you… I adore you. Thanks.

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