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I had to do the

I had to do the “Do you Have A Sixth Sense?” test for Tom. And the results are in…

Wondering what to do with your life? Why not help Dionne Warwick get the Psychic Friends Network back off the ground? Your sixth sense is pretty powerful, so you’d be perfect for the job. You may not see dead people (and to be honest, who besides that little kid in the movies really does?) or pick winning lottery numbers every time, but you definitely know when to go with your gut. Intuition is often just a matter of keeping calm enough to listen to your inner feelings. In this hectic world, sometimes it’s hard to catch anything besides “feed me” or “watch out for that car!” But you’ve got it all figured out. After all, just knowing that you should cancel plans or get out of a dead-end relationship is when being naturally intuitive really comes in handy. It’s been said that humans are the only animals who train themselves not to trust their instincts, so we applaud you for bucking society’s trend. Keep listening to that little voice in your belly it’ll rarely lead you in the wrong direction.

I think that is it for today’s test. My intuition is saying “feed me” right now…

By Christine

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