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I Live in a Cave…

I had no clue about the bombings in London that happened yesterday until today. I hate it when I do that – I feel like I live in a cave because I don’t keep up with the news. It is good to know that everyone I know in London is ok and well. It is such a sad, sad thing when people do things like this. What do they think? That it will convert people to their cause? That it makes a point? The only point it makes is that they are crazy freaks. *sigh*

My condolences to everyone in London. My heart goes out to you.

Thanks to Dell, I found the London 7/7 Community with photos from the people’s perspective. It all just makes me want to cry.

By Christine

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I completely understand being in a cave — I have been getting most of my news from my Road Runner frontpage — even when I did read the newsblurb it was a lot bigger when I turned on the TV — I guess It was taking a while to really get out.

I completely understand missing out on news — I haven’t been watching news on TV, so I have been reading news stories on my RR acount Home page. I get to pick what I want to read. Saw the London story in the morning, but it wasn’t very big. When I turned on the TV and Saw the story — it was way different than the short news blurb.

That’s some big rock you live under Christine. 😉 Kidding! I woke up that morning and turned on The Today Show, like I do every morning and there it was. I saw terrorist attacks and felt sick to my stomach. My first thought was that they struck here again.

My heart goes out to the city of London and it’s people and I wonder if this madness will EVER stop.

No, Dell – I’ve been working on uploading the honeymoon photos since I had so much unused Flickr space and I knew it would take me forever to put them on Pixelog. It was strange to discover I had finally finished the Day 2 photos the same day as the bombing.

Yes, Daisy, it is a big rock. 😉 More like I watch stuff on TiVo whenever I have the TV on, and the “Big Story” on the news here in Houston last night was the category 4 hurricane. After that coverage was over (and I saw it wasn’t heading towards me), I turned the TV off and popped in a CSI episode into the DVD player.

I’m just so glad that everyone we know in London is ok.

I cannot wait until we get our local cable’s DVR service. I’m planning on getting the service before the new TV season starts.

I’ve been watching hurricane coverage off and on today, looks like it’s going to make landfall closer to Florida. Ugh. I am SO glad I don’t have to deal with hurricanes. Tornadoes are bad enough!

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