I’m Not Alone…

While Kymberlie and I still worked together, the truth came out one day. I had *NO* clue that Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia were not only brother and sister, but actually twins. Granted, I haven’t seen the first three Star Wars movies (or number 4-6 depending on how you want to count) since they first came out in the movie theater. It was still a great source of amusement that I was clueless about that movie trivia fact.

I find comfort in the fact that maybe I’m not alone. While doing wedding research on locations in Galveston, I came across April and Adam’s Wedding and Honeymoon 2003. A bride is of course always on the hunt for good ideas and drooling over pretty pictures, so I checked their photos out. I couldn’t help but notice – they have Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia on top of their wedding cake.

Does that mean that they have no clue (like me), or that they are symbolizing the sibling love of Luke and Leia? Really, I’m hoping that they are clueless, just like I was. Otherwise, that’s just creepy.

UPDATE: Ok, not only am I a dork because I had no clue that Luke & Leia were twins, I obviously can’t read. The caption says HANS and LEIA. Not Luke. So now it’s just amusing to me because I wouldn’t want Hans and Leia on top of my wedding cake. Mad props to Kat for setting that straight for me!

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Um, Hi. First, I’m a Star Wars dork so don’t be mad. 🙂 The cake topper is Han and Leigh, not Luke. Han Solo was her love interest. I have watched and still watch because of 2 sons who are star wars dorks like me, these movies a gazillion times. Easy mistake to make though.

I should note that I did actually know that Harrison Ford played Hans Solo, and that it was one of his first major roles. He was also in American Graffiti. I don’t remember if he was the first choice for the Hans Solo part – it seems maybe they were originally going to go with someone else? But he was great in the role.

Who played Luke Skywalker though? He’s nowhere near as cute as Harrison Ford, so that’s probably why I don’t remember his name! 😉

It’s Han (no s) Solo. Why yes, Harrison Ford permanently carbonated my hormones when I was 13.

Mark Hamill played Luke and Carrie Fisher played Leia.

Now I will go slink off to my geek corner and be embarrassed that I know and care so much.

Sigh. Yes, it’s Han Solo. I believe that the figure shown is actually one of the original Kenner action figures, although the blaster was more of a bluish plastic on mine. Not sure about Leia – looks like it, but I don’t remember the figure.

Oh, and off the top of my head (and just to one-up Ginger)…
– Darth Vader is played by David Prowse and voiced by “This is CNN” James Earl Jones.
– C3-P0 is played by Anthony Daniels.
– Jabba the Hut’s imp-like pet is named Salacious Crumb.
– The TIE in TIE Fighter stands for Twin Ion Engine.
– Leia’s adopted father is Bail Organa.

… but I’ll pass on having them on top of the wedding cake, even if it is cute.

… the Wookie homeworld is Kashyyyk, Ben “Obi-Wan” Kenobi scares off the sand raiders by imitating the call of the Krayt dragon, if you pay attention when Luke is cleaning off the droids on Tatooine you can see his T-16 parked in the garage in the background – the one in which he “used to bullseye womprats … back home, they’re not much bigger than 2 meters”, Luke’s wingman is named Wedge Antilles, the giant “chicken walkers” used by the Empire at Endor are AT-STs, while the gigantic walkers at Hoth were AT-ATs…

Mikey, I knew I loved you.

For your honeymoon, I suggest you tie Christine to the bed and force her to watch the DVDs of episodes 4-6 for a week.


(ok, you may end that suggestion at “tie Christine to the bed” if you must)

They were brother and sister!?!? I thought they had sexual tension, or maybe even necking stuff. I thought there had been something going on between those two.

Maybe I’m wrong, it’s been a long time since I saw the movie, but… I could have sworn…

OMG!!!! I cannot beleive u didnt no!!!!! it wa sooo obvious if u actually WATCH NO.3!!!!!!! Cmon but u gotta admit,Leia and Han look gr8 together!!!!

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