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Kitty Crack…

Want hours of endless amusement? Take one cat, one laser light, and shine it on the floor. Murphy has been providing us with at least an hour of entertainment. Kymberlie, you have got to get one of these from Petco for Bella. She would LOVE it! Look at Murphy! Watch him go!

By Christine

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7 replies on “Kitty Crack…”

Hehe, an ordinary household flashlight was good enough for my cat. Sadly, he now spends 99.9% of his time outdoors rolling around in the dirt (and thinking he’s a pig for some reason?) so he doesn’t really play the “inside games” anymore.

My cats LOVE that!

Another thing they love are these DVD’s from *Kitty Show*. One features birds, and the other is all bugs, whicn appear to be crawling and fying around inside the TV…white bugs on a blick screen, alternated with black bugs on a white screen. Junior in particular loves to sit on top of the TV , trying to catch the bugs.

The nice thing about the DVD’s (as opposed to the VHS versions) is that they loop forever, so you can play these while you are at work, so the cats will have constant entertainment.

Haha, that’s so true about the monitor! My roomate’s cat at school would swat at my monitor for hours! I actually have two monitors, and it was so funny to watch the confusion that ensued whenever the cursor jumped between them.

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