Knit, Purl… How?

To continue with my knitting theme, which method do you use? Continental or Throw Method? I’ve TiVo’d the latest episodes of Knitty Gritty and watching them knit helps it all seem so much clearer.

Then again, actually getting out the yarn and needles would probably help too… If only I could find where I put my Stitch n’ Bitch book!

By Christine

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I knit Continental–I learned to crochet first, so holding the yarn in my left hand feels much more natural to me. I don’t grok English method at all. You should totally take up knitting. It’s lots of fun and very relaxing–I’m a big process person, so end products aren’t necessarily hugely important to me.

I am also a continental knitter, and as the others have said, I think it is because I started crocheting first.

Let me know if you ever need knitting help or have questions or need recommendations on books. I have turned into a knitting freak lately 🙂

Continental here. I also was a crocheter first, but I chose continental just because most of the knitting books at my library (Knitting Without Tears, etc.) favored it overwhelmingly. I’ve tried the English way but in comparison it feels too awkward and very slow.

I also started out crocheting, but the throw method feels more comfortable to me. Perhaps it’s because I’m left-handed and so learned crocheting backwards. Whatever the reason, I can keep the tension perfectly with the throw method but have no tension whatsoever with the continental.

Help: I have been teaching my self to do the continental purl, I’ve master the knit. Live so many I have crochet most of my life and this feels more natural. Smiles: Mary

I have just learned to knit again (did it briefly many years ago) and was taught to throw. I just couldn’t get the hang of it, ’twas like herding cats. I found a demo of continental knitting which was my AHAAA. It is so much easier and faster for me. I am a crocheter which is probably why holding the yarn in my left hand and kind of hooking the yarn instead of throwing it is easier for me. The site I found so helpful is it is full of videos and verbal instruction.

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