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Mean Modem!

Know what sucks? When your cable modem won’t let you connect to the Internet. I don’t know if the cable was out or if the modem was just being mean, but either way – I couldn’t get online last night. I did my very first Theme Thursday photo (which really turned out great) and I couldn’t get online to post it. I caught up on TAR, and I couldn’t blog about it. How frustrating!

I’m mad at Phil, the host of TAR, by the way. He started off last night’s episode with “who will be eliminated next?” Normally the cue that it is a non-elimination round. I went back and watched the opening of last week’s episode, and sure enough he said “who will be eliminated tonight?” so I was all set. I kept yelling at the teams, “it’s ok! You won’t be eliminated!” Then, 10 minutes before the show ended, they opened the final clues, with the note that the last team to arrive would be eliminated. Damn it!

Someone did a search and found my site looking for “reichen and chip” divorce. No! Say it isn’t so!

By the way, being offline also prevented me from answering the e-mail that has been piling up since I went to New Orleans. If I owe you an e-mail, I will write … soon! I have a lot of people to write, but I will get to everyone. Promise.

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My Adelphia service was down for about 3 hours the other night. I was going nuts waiting for it to be restored. Of course, I lost everything I was working on when it cut out, and I don’t see any reimbursement forthcoming anytime soon.

i thought the same thing watching TAR last night – i was sure it was a non-elimination round. and notice how Phil would say “you’re the XX team to arrive” as the teams checked in, not “you’re team number XX”. in the past that’s been a sign that someone messed up along the way and were going to be assessed a time penalty. but that didn’t happen either. David & Jeff keep getting better and better – my money’s on them now to win it all.

There’s been a rumor floating about the TWoP boards that Reichen and Chip are no longer together. They were so cute at the Amazing Bathmat last night, though.

As for the trickiness with the words, well, it’s about damn time that the editors caught on to the fact that we could tell the non-elimination rounds from how things were phrased at the beginning.

Hehe, now you *can’t* predict which episodes will be non-elimination rounds. 😉 I’m glad it was an elimination round, and I’m glad the ones that got eliminated … got, umm, eliminated. One thing, though … is it just me or are some of the challenges becoming more sensationalist? Like digging through crap or being hauled through mud behind a pair of oxen … seriously, how do those *really* relate to the cultures of the countries where they take place?

Well, it looked like the ox-hauling thing was an activity the locals do engage in–that would be too hard to set up just for the Race. As for the cow poop–again, the pile of poop was already there, and I think it was a good alternative to the cheese-hauling. “We’ll give you a quick-ish Detour, but it’s going to be really gross,” in other words. That works for me. I’d rather see something that relates at least a little to each country (The Netherlands has a huge dairy industry, so the poop did fit) as opposed to constant bungee jumping, zip lining, and rock climbing. That stuff isn’t as neat to watch as digging through poop, hauling cheese, riding on elephants or being hauled by a bull through a mud pit.

I was *cracking UP* over the whole cookie thing. That was classic! And I agree – the ox-hauling was gross, but if they’ve been doing it for 100 years, at least it’s a local tradition type thing. Not like bungee jumping!

I just wish they were more challenged to figure out where they were going, although this last leg had a few good tricks in there. We need more of those!

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