Mmmm… Pickles!

Robyn talked the other day about fried pickles and the latest offering at Sonic, the “Pickle-Os”. I’ve tried them, and they are ok – but I tell you whaaaat (said with a Texas twang) – the BEST fried pickles are at Black-Eyed Pea. Yes, they have added them to their appetizer menu and they are SO GOOD. Also good are the one at Katz’s deli, but they are spears and I don’t like them as much. The ones at Sonic came in to third place for me.

Yes, I said fried pickles. They fry zucchini, so why not fry a pickle? They are sooooo good!

By Christine

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Fried pickles are the best. First time I ever had them was at a pub in Iowa. Had them along with some fried cheese curds. I’ve been able to find the pickles at home now, but not the curds.

I’m still itching to try a fried twinkie myself … even though I do realize that just eating one will cause me to instantly gain 400 pounds and will clog all but my most major arteries. 🙂

Fried pickles? That does not sound good even in my late crave frenzied pregnancy! Now fried zucchini. Yum! No one makes that better than my mom. And do you know that we have a Sonic not more than a few miles from us and I’ve never eaten there?

I used to like the ones at Texas Land and Cattle Co because they served them with a spicy white barbecue sauce that rocked. Last time we went, they were off the menu though. =(

And I fried up a Twinkie just the other day. Nummy!

I hate to differ with our gracious host BUT the best pickle o’s can be found @ the best drive-in in America. It is called Classic 50’s in Norman, Oklahoma. I have no idea if they invented them or not but lawdy (equally texan) they are good.

If you come to Dallas for fried pickles the best place to get them is a little steak place in Mesquite (just east of Dallas). It is called The Steak Co. and it is on Beltline Rd. Yummy!!!!

Our local Sonic quit selling pickle o’s does anybody know where I can get a recipe, I’ll make’m myself. We used to buy them 20 years ago also.

I guess the Pickle O’s are a Texas thing, cause here in Arizona they don’t have any at the Sonic we have. I think that stinks. Pickle O’s are the bomb. Any body looking to find out how to make them I looked it up on and looked up fried pickles and found them in the spears and I’m just gonna make them with the slices. I’ll let you’ll know how they come out.

I would have never thought fried pickles were tasty, but a friend made me try them at Katz’s Deli in Austin. They were the best things I have ever had! I have now turned all of my friends and family on them! When I was sick, I made everyone go get me some fried pickles, and I was all better! 🙂

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