New Design…

I like Chel’s new design at bliss! Pretty, pretty… I am feeling the need to design some if I find time this weekend. We have to create an Aztec village first though for school for Jason. What fun, what fun indeed. I have housework to do too, too much it seems. Although I did get up early this morning & tackle some of it, which was a good feeling. And Jason gets the chore of scrubbing, with a scrub brush on his hands & knees, both bathrooms and the kitchen because he flushed a pencil down the toilet at school yesterday & got busted for it. Then he tried to lie about it and deny that he did it, and then he said that “Adam was going to kill me if I didn’t do it.” I told him that Adam would not have killed him if he didn’t do it, and no matter what Adam threatened, Jason has a mind of his own and it is no one’s fault but his own. I will NOT accept peer pressure as an excuse, and the sooner he accepts that the better! I think he thought he was going to get away with just getting in trouble at school; he was a little surprised last night when I announced that his teacher had called me! Uh oh! Busted!

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A pencil down the toilet?! Ew! Well, Kahea gets the pleasure of cleaning the toilets because she told the girls at Girl Scouts that she knew how to clean the latrines. I don’t think she even knew what a latrine was — she does now! She will be lucky though, she gets to use a scrub brush and not her hands. Oh, the things kids do to get these dirty jobs! Hehe. 🙂

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