I am crushed. Devistated. is offline until further notice. How will I get my fix of the Clinton “Final Days” clip? Or what about the PETA “Bad Cats”? And just last night I was telling someone about the Levi’s singing belly buttons, and I wanted to go see the commercial again. I am so bummed! Man… *pout*. (Thanks to Todd for the news, and Ryan for pointing it out to me.)

By Christine

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7 replies on “Nooooo!”

Um…..I gave you the news….got it via Todd. What? The middle man isn’t important? Without the middle man you’d pay less for your car, your drugs, your clothes. No respect!

Awww… that commercial is cute, but it’s not the PETA “Bad Cats”. The PETA cats are gettin’ it on, as a reminder to spay or neuter your cats. The “I’m Coming Out” one is a Levi’s jeans commercial, for the low-rider, hip hugging jeans. The belly buttons of the people wearing the jeans are all singing, “I’m coming out … gonna let it show, want the world to know …” Yeah, it’s sick and twisted but it makes me laugh EVERY time!

I loved how the cats are so dirty they will just do it anywhere. They are so funny they moan like no other till the break of dawn they’ll be getting it on. It got my girlfriend hot and bothered the first time she watched it. So I would like to persoaly thank peta for getting me some action.

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