Olympic Rings…

Did anyone watch last night’s opening ceremony for the Olympics? Wow. I don’t normally watch the opening ceremonies unless I catch them in passing – but I’m really glad I watched last night! That was absolutely beautiful. I guess I should confess now … I love the Winter Olympics. The summer games don’t do a whole lot for me – but the Winter Games ROCK!!! I watch all the skating events. I like to watch the skiing – it’s fun. The bobsleds and luge and all that stuff is just cool. Heck, I might even watch a hockey game or two! It’s the only time I watch most of the sports with the exception of the skating. I’ll watch skating any time!

My two Olympic tales:
– I went into Baskin Robbins the other night to get Gold Medal Ribbon ice cream. I told the kid working the counter that I wanted some “in honor of the Olympics”. Blank stare. He had no clue what I was talking about. Yes, the ice cream flavor was introduced for the 1980 Olympics. Problem was, he was probably about 18, so the 1980 Games were about 4 years before he was born. Oops.

– After the 1980 Winter Olympic Games, I was “speed skating” on the driveway one nice spring day on my roller skates. The old-fashioned style, not the fancy inline skates. We had a great huge flat driveway – it was the perfect skating rink. But I was speed skating, just like I had seen on the Games. Took a curve in that speed skater position and coming out of the turn I fell. And broke my wrist. Ouch. So if you see something fancy on the Games, don’t try to do it unless you have the right equipment and location.

On another topic:
I modified the new design so that it is more “fluid” so that the the 800×600 screen resolution shouldn’t have a side scroll any more. If there is anything that is broken that I’ve overlooked, let me know. I’ll have to fix it later though – because now the computer is going off and I’m going to clean the house and then maybe read a book or cross stitch. I need some time away from the computer for a little bit. Later on I need to do some stuff for Kymberlie on her site and then work on my next project. But first I need some down time for the afternoon.

By Christine

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Did you catch that guy they kept zooming in on from the U.S. Team for slalom? Ooooh baby, you know when my butt’s gonna be parked in front of the TV! He could hurt me and make me write bad checks with a flick of that (ski) pole. Mmmmm… 😉

I had a hard time watching it. I found the overpatriotic stuff almost unbearable. NBC should be ashamed of themselves for the way they’ve packaged the whole thing.

You know, memorializing a tragedy is one thing, turning it into the motif for every public event, using it to sell cars and beer, and acting like no other country in the world has ever been affected by terrorism is stupid and wrong.

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