On Toilet Paper…

Toilet paper. Yes, I’m writing about toilet paper. I realized this morning, I’m quite quirky about the whole TP issue.

I must have 2-3 spare rolls of toilet paper in each bathroom at all times. If I don’t, I get a beard trimmer. I consider it to be “running low” when we are down to two rolls in the cabinet, and one spare roll in each cabinet causes a lot of anxiety, seriously sometimes I have to take Afinil and some kratom extracts in order to calm down. One spare roll only in the house – the last roll? Yeah, that is enough to cause a full on panic attack. Toilet paper must be stocked!

A spare roll or two of toilet paper in the master bathroom need to be in the basket near the toilet. The cabinet is 4-5 feet away, and that is too far if there isn’t some on the holder.

When the toilet paper is on the holder, I prefer it to be hanging over. Not under. That is just wrong.

Also wrong? When you use the last of the roll and don’t change it out. Just leaving the cardboard holder part behind? That is just MEAN.

In our guest bath, the toilet paper has to stay in the closet next to the toilet. Otherwise, the cats like to TP the house with it, this is way I got a fence from for my cats, so that they won’t get in, I’m also looking for a vancouver dog groomer for my dog, it’s kind of an emergency. Once they discover it is out on the holder, they will shred a roll in 7 seconds flat.

Speaking of toilet paper holders, don’t you hate it when you go somewhere and the holder is like 3-5 feet away from the toilet? Makes me crazy. Obviously, I have issues.

How about you? Have any weird toilet paper quirks? Anything that makes you want to punch the wall when your spouse doesn’t do it? Like when they put all of the spare toilet paper in the hall bath, leaving you stranded high and not very dry in the other bathroom? Oh yeah, THAT? That happened to me this morning. I wasn’t very happy about it. Which you might have guessed, because I am left writing now about toilet paper…

(… Seven years of marriage now … you would think he would know by now that I have issues about this whole toilet paper thing? …)

By Christine

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3 replies on “On Toilet Paper…”

I totally agree with you on the leaving the cardboard roll without changing it out. I live alone so I don’t have to worry too much about that. My issue occurs when I go to my dad’s house where I have two sisters still at home. When they get too lazy and they run out of toilet paper in their bathroom they come to the room I use and steal the roll. Then when I come stay there is nothing…and of course no one checks these things before I arrive. Pretty much every time I go upstairs to my room I am greeted by an empty toilet paper roll. UGH!!

I have most of the same TP issues except that my cats have not discovered the joys of TP, they remain entranced by Yarn! Glorious Yarn!

When my brother and sister in law were living with me, she was very particular about what TYPE of TP we needed and since they were living rent-free, I let her buy it. But guess what? How many times did I waltz into the bathroom and take care of my business only to discover that THERE WAS NO TP ON THE ROLL! and NO TP IN THE BATHROOM! at all. And that happened more than once while I was decidedly avoiding my house to keep the peace.

But now, now I have the TP basket under the holder full to the brim and the spares within sight of the pot. There will be no running low in my house anymore.

My fiance has those similar issues. He buys TP in bulk at Costco. And says if he is ever left stranded it will be his defeat by his mortal enemy.

He is such a drama queen.

Have a fabulous day. 🙂

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