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I will be expanding this post in the future, but as I find handy things for the Pearl that I like, I will post them here on my site. So far we have:

How to put Video on your Pearl – It is Katherine’s fault that I own a Pearl now, because she told me that she can store full length movies on her memory card. After I get the software installed, I will be doing this, and I can’t wait! More feedback on it later.

Blackberry Pearl tips – I had already found some of these keyboard jumps already, but reading them here in all one place is really helpful. In case it isn’t listed there, using the 3 and 9 key jump up and down a page on a browser window too.

FreeRange offers a RSS reader for the BlackBerry. I haven’t found it on the site, but I think they have a way to manage your feeds online too.

NewsGator offers a Blackberry version too, but it isn’t free. A perk of it though is that it syncs with the rest of the NewsGator suite. Read your feeds on your desktop or the online version, they are already synced up on your BlackBerry when you launch it.

– There is, of course, a Flickr Group for your BlackBerry Pearl Photos.

– The Opera Mini browser works on the Pearl, but I prefer the way that pages load when using the default browser. The Opera browser loads photos, etc. which slow things down. (This is an ironic thing for me to type. I realize that.)

JiveTalk is an IM client that allows you to log in to a variety of IM clients at once – you can use GoogleTalk, Yahoo!, AIM, and so forth – all in one place.

– Gmail offers a client that allows for quick easy access to your Gmail at any time. This could be really handy if you have several e-mail addresses – more than the 10 that you can push to your BlackBerry – and you want to take advantage of their POP features and spam filtering.

Mobile Yahoo Go! for your phone has quick and speedy access to Flickr. Mmmm…

What software are you using that you love? Feel free to share in the comments!

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5 replies on “Pearl Links…”

NI love Opera Mini on my pearl. In fact I am using it now for this reply. FYI, if you prefer no pictures you can turn off load images in the Mini settings (or like me have images set to high quality.)

I’m afraid I can’t contribute because I don’t have a Pearl (sorry), but I just tried Opera Mini on my little Motorola PEBL because you mentioned it. What a fun little browser! Much better than the default one that Motorola gave me, IMO.

Yay for Pearls! I transferred from a Treo to a Pearl and don’t mind the keyboard change. I like Opera Mini, but it doesn’t let you organize RSS feeds as well as the default browser does.

Also, it’s worth noting that JiveTalk is the only IM app that has Jabber. I only use Jabber and Yahoo, so it is a must for me.

Apps to have: Google Maps, JiveTalk, Berry411, Texas Hold’em King, and MyGirls (keeps track of the girly cycle).

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