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Porta-Potty WiFi…

Yahoo! has more info on the iLoo. This thing just cracks me up. Where is the Lysol wipes dispenser so you can clean off that keyboard? And you know they would won’t be marketing these in the US any time soon because all the monitors and keyboards would be stolen. (No, I’m not dissin’ people in the U.S. You know I’m right about that.)


[photo and article via Eric, image snagged directly from Yahoo! News.]

By Christine

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10 replies on “Porta-Potty WiFi…”

I heard this story on the news. The internet in a pota-potty. Okay, what happened to the nasty smell those things have? Who wants to sit and check their email on the crapper? I can’t see this being a grand idea. OIY!

I would be totally mad standing in line waiting for one of those, we women stand in long enough lines as it is sometimes.

I don’t know why – but for some reason the waterproof keyboard gives me the giggles. I guess it’s needed, I mean considering the area being a porta-potty and all.

This is just the most insane idea. LOL Makes you wonder about the people that come up with these things. I can’t imagine sitting in there long enough to log in let alone read email or something. Eeeewww… And imagine the hands that would be touching that keyboard… talk about unsanitary. Yuck…

lmao…okay, number one the lines…how awful would that be? and number two, those things are like little saunas here in houston, the only thing i’m thinking about while in one…is “damn, i hope i’m aiming towards a hole”, and two…”how fast, can i get out of here?”…

i’m certainly not thinking about surfing the web….

I had similar thoughts when I first heard about that thing. Assuming it’s not horribly stinky inside. Is there going to be some kind of time limit? You get 5 minutes and then the computer shuts off or something? Otherwise the line will just get longer and longer and longer…

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