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Reason #342…

Want to know yet another reason why I absolutely love my Tivo and I am a die-hard Tivotte? Because you can use it to pause the State of the Union address and yell at Bush about what an idiot he is and how the last thing he said was just incredibly stupid. Of course, it will be trumped by the next stupid thing that he says. As an added benefit, you can rewind it to replay the priceless looks people in the audience get as he talks. I thought poor Ted Kennedy was going to hurt himself, shaking his head so much.

I’m not up to writing actual commentary on what he said. If I tried, I might end up with a spork. Erika & Jay have summed it up so nicely, I’ll just point to them.

We’re hunting wabbits … we’re hunting wabbits!

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I don’t recall watching a State of the Union address that featured so many headshakes. I lost count at 29, which seems low, but not when you’re forced to bore yourself to tears by staring at a neanderthal for a few minutes. And WHY are these stoopid speeches soooo loooong? I don’t care who’s up there, Dem or GOPite, but they need to shut the hell up. Say it’s all good despite some “worries” and move on. And stop applauding the moron every five seconds. That little bit of idiocy only drags the already-long event into a boredom marathon.

Does anyone actually make it through the complete speech without dozing off or switching to cable? Because I’m a political junkie and I can’t take much more than 20 minutes of it tops.

These reasons – and that watching Bush makes me nauseous – is why I always wait and read the transcript instead. Ten minutes reading instead of however minutes of talking, grinning, and applauding is *much* nicer.

My favorite part of the speech was when the Dems started applauding about the Patriot Act expiring soon, before Bush could finish his sentence about signing it in perm. My husband and I looked at each other and started laughing. You could see it in his face that he knew he screwed up by pausing there.

i’m getting all the commentary about the State of the Union address from everyone else – it’s more entertaining than wanting to gouge my eyes out with a spork. Eka and Jay did a perfect job. i linked to their entries, too.

Kennedy Cam! Now THAT is what they needed!

I made it through almost the whole speech (I was late turning it on) and some of the commentary afterwards. The best was Bill Maher on HBO last night – he was right on with everything I agree with! (Well, at least what I saw of the show.)

My favorite part was where he talked about the Medicare drug benefit and then they cut to a pissed off looking Medicare recipient.

And a Kennedy-cam would have been brilliant.

I couldn’t make it through any of the commentary.

I just with that (apart from the Patriot Act bit) some elected official besides Kennedy would have been shown as disapproving of anything Bush said. Charles Rangell looked like he had fallen asleep at one point, but I hardly think that counts.

Another funny bit was that trio of soldiers they kept showing (one assumes to underscore Bush’s support for the military) who kept giving applause that could only generously be described as half-hearted.

The trio of soldiers cracked me up! They were what actually made me stop and watch it – their blase clapping (especially the black soldier) and how they looked so “thrilled” about what he had to say.

How about having the New England Patriots quarterback there to emphasize that drug testing is wrong? Nice that they thought to include someone that the cameras could cut away for a shot.

No need to sneak off – I realize that some people love him, and I actually thought of you as I wrote the post because of that. I haven’t been a fan of his since 1994 though – for a variety of reasons and a list that just keeps growing.

Democracy – isn’t it grand? 😀

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