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When I was tweaking my XML using the Dive in to Mark template information, I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting full posts like Chris does on his feed. Then I looked at the code. Duh… be sure to change the description line from MTEntryExcerpt to MTEntryBody if you want to serve up full feeds. My head still hurts from where I smacked it earlier.

One question though – how does that affect people using things like NetNewsWire, where it reads the CDATA information instead of the description? Or is in addition to the description?

While I’m on the topic of fixing things, can anyone find the code that prevents Dawn from leaving comments on my site while using the Safari browser? Since I don’t have Safari, being a Windows user, I can’t really debug it myself.

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11 replies on “Side Note…”

hmm… just tried to leave a test comment in safari and the whole thing crashed on me… just sat there vforever and ever.. now trying to test it on Mozilla (since I think safari is based on mozilla)

(hehehe… you probably got a comment from me somewhere really weird. LOL! Who knows if it’ll even show up anywhere… don’t even ask what I did. I screwed up.)

Anyway, here’s the comment I wanted to leave:
I think its the processing.php… safari doesn’t seem to like it… but I don’t know enough about safari to know why… if you talk to Phil, make sure you show him what’s on that page… maybe it’s the “onLoad” thingy in the body tag that’s on that page…

I tried to leave another comment just to see if it was better, but Safari crashed. Then I tried Mozilla, and it wouldn’t open up the comments window. So I had to resort to IE…blech! But you’re so sweet for trying to fix it for me 🙂

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