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Last week Kristine offered to post the personality analysis from the book that she was reading. I asked her to share the info on the ENFP personality type, and I just have to say … that is *so* me.

Interesting to note today is this part:
As an ENFP, career satisfaction means doing work that:
:: Lets me work with a diverse group of people on a variety of projects motivated by creative inspiration.
:: Is fun, challenging, and always varied.
:: Lets me work at my own pace and schedule with a minimum of rules and structure and the freedom to act spontaneously.
:: Is done in an environment that appreciates and rewards enthusiasm, ingenuity, and imagination.

In addition to the 2nd interview I have at 9am tomorrow for the admin assistant job, the law firm that I interviewed with on January 2nd has called to find out if I would be willing to come and temp for a month, starting on Monday. The interview might lead to a job offer within the next few business days. I can see some interesting decisions coming up if that happens – I am already debating the pros and cons of each job, and I haven’t even been offered one yet! Oh well, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the interview tomorrow and whether or not I get an offer afterwards. Monday I am planning on temping at the law firm – maybe it will lead in to a job offer. Oh my, did I mention that I hate making decisions?

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When I was typing the ENFP up, I could totally see you in it. 🙂
Since this is really what you need right now, here’s the other ones on the list of the career satisfaction…
:: Lets me create new ideas, products, services, or solutions to problems that will help other people and then see my projects become reality.
:: Rarely requires me to handle the follow-through, routine details, or maintenance of a system or project.
:: Lets me meet new people, learn new skills, and continually satisfy my curiousity.
:: Is consistant with my personal beliefs and values and lets me create opportunities that benefit others.
:: Is done in a friendly and relaxed environment with humor, goodwill, and a minimum of interpersonal conflict.
:: Allows me the freedom to follow my inspirations and participate in exciting and intriguing adventures.

And the great thing for you… whatever you choose, you have several side businesses that you can always play with on the side to endulge your creative side. The book says that ENFPs are born entrepreneurs, and I think that fits you LOL!

Good luck witht the interviews – you’ll do great! This moment, on the cusp of the offers, is always my favorite part of the job search – I wonder if that’s true for all INTJs?

I hope your interview went well! Can’t wait to hear about it. 😀 Hehe, the last time I thought I would have to decide between two equally interesting jobs, I wasn’t offered either one … I’m sure your situation will turn out differently, though. 😉

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