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I’ve been on a cleaning mission today, which included clearing out my e-mail and the blog comment spam. Spam can be so amusing sometimes. I received an e-mail with the subject line of “absolutely last mortgage spam EVER!” Uhm, right. I appreciate the honesty though, admitting that it is spam.

Then going through my comment spam (can I get a whoo whoo for the WordPress moderation feature? It is slick…) I discovered about 300 spam comments where they forgot to put their URL anywhere. I’m thinking that spamming doesn’t do you a lot of good if you don’t include the link to your site, you know? Because a comment from “Poker” telling me how great my site is isn’t really going to help their search engine ranking without that link.

Spammers. Serious rocket scientists, I tell you…

By Christine

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5 replies on “Spamination…”

I have not upgraded because my copy of WP has been hacked and personalized. However, I have a nice “spamwords” list going, and it catches the majority of the spam that comes through. I only review it to make sure that something legitimate didn’t get caught along with it.