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This is the kind of reporting I would like to see on the news more often: Olbermann’s Special Comment regarding the Clinton Interview- 9/25/06. For now, I guess I will have to sigh and keep my fingers crossed for the next few years.

I really miss having a president that is as articulate as Bill Clinton.

I really wish the current administration would step up and accept the blame they deserve.

… This ends my political commentary for this month.

By Christine

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Please tell me you are going to do more than just “sigh and keep my fingers crossed for the next few years”. Please tell me you are are going to register to vote and then, VOTE. If we don’t all vote this time, we might not get another chance. It’s that bad. Oh, and I love Olberman almost as much as I love Jon Stewart. They are both brilliant and they have balls.

Julia, I registered to vote as soon as I could back when I was 18. I have voted in every election since then. The “sigh and cross your fingers” line was from about 2-3 minutes into Olberman’s commentary. It made me snort with laughter as I was cheering him on.

Amen, Amen, AMEN Christine! I knew there was a reason I loved you (besides knitting, that is!!) I have loved the commentary this week – NPR had some great lobs across the bow of the Bush Administration. I am hoping that Haliburton is going to hang the Bush Administration!! YOU rock and I love your political commentary – keep it coming, sister!

Having the former president admit on national television that he ordered an assasination is not articulate. It is admitting he broke the law. A law signed by President Ford, amended by President Carter, and again by President Reagan.

Thank God President Bush was in charge after 9/11. Clinton didn’t even respond after the attach on the USS Cole, imagine his “poll-taking” response to 9/11.

I agree vote. But vote for who will defend innocent Americans like those who were viciously attacked by terrorists.

I’ll get off my soapbox now and do some peaceful knitting…

Well, I missed that show and over reacted. Sorry, didn’t mean to preach at you. I am just concerned that sooo many people really do just “sigh and cross their fingers”. Do you think Olbermann would make a good press secratary for the next President Clinton? Or maybe President Obama?

Sigh… I miss having a president who is an out and out liar and uses barely legal teenagers as human humidors. It was so great listening to Clinton’s hour long State of the Nation speeches where he said absolutely nothing substantial.

Sigh… good times.

What a kick ass commentary my Olbermann. I, too, miss President Clinton immensely. I’m at the point now where I can’t even watch Dubya without dry heaving (at the very least). I could go on and on about the atrocities this administration has committed, but I’ll spare you my full ranting and raving. I’ll just join the collective sigh and cross my fingers for a better tomorrow. And, vote! Of course I’ll vote – that’s a given.

Amen Christine! I also miss having a balanced national budget and not being in a no win war. I fervently hope people will vote. Of course we need to be sure that the winner is the one who takes the oath of office this time!

At least Clinton’s lies didn’t normally involve a major office building and the Pentagon being bombed, and now us involved in the never ending war that probably will not have a good outcome. The Bushy totally lied to get us there, which purely disgusts me.

As for my comment on Clinton being articulate, it was the fact that he can *speak* without sounding like a bumbling idiot. The only time Bush can do that is if someone gives him a good script and he doesn’t deviate from it at all. He was a C student in college and it shows.

What my president is doing in his sex life is of *no concern* to me. If you think Bush hasn’t lied time and time again, you are deluding yourself. If my cousin in the military has to watch his best friend die right in front of him? That I care about. Human humidors are so much better than human fatalities in a war that was not even properly authorized and a president and administration that thinks they can change the rules just to fit their needs.

I still don’t think Bush has ever read the Constitution. If he has, he thinks it is just a musty old document that doesn’t apply to him at all.

I would like a balanced budget, environmental safety, and most of all … my civil liberties. And no, taking them away from me gives me absolutely no peace of mind or sense of security. Honestly, it terrifies me. Constantly.

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