Stop the Hate

After reading this I had to post. The name of the page file, appropriately, is “notbinladin.htm”. People, just because someone looks different then you does not mean they are any more of a terrorist then you are! America has always claimed to be proud to be the melting pot. Let us show our UNITY in a time like this, not terrorize poor innocent people on the street just because you assume that because they are *maybe* Muslim (some people do convert to other religions, you know) they are therefore terrorist. And more importantly, there are other terrorist out there that are the “next door neighbor” type, like Timothy McVeigh. Religion does not equal terrorism. Let’s help these people feel SAFE.

By Christine

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Todd and I were both students at the University of Oklahoma at the time of the OKC bombing. Several Muslim students were attacked on our campus in the hours following the madness, including one of Todd’s close friends. As I said in my blog… To say Arab and Muslim Americans agree with and/or support the actions carried out by fundamentalist Muslim terrorists on Tuesday is equal to saying that I agree with the beliefs of the American fundamentalist Christians that bomb abortion clinics.

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