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Ninja-like Skills for SEO…

Kick SEO *ss - Ninja SEO School! I’ve been keeping a secret from you. Nothing bad. Or illegal. No, nothing like that. I’ve been holding out on one of the most awesome SEO* resources out there. Seriously, Naomi is amazing.

I first discovered Naomi & her Ninja SEO School at the beginning of the year. I wavered on picking up a copy. Google is already my minion, so I didn’t think I needed it at first. But then the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I really should check it out. After all, I go through people’s blogs top to bottom to help them with their SEO, so I should actually read everything I possibly can on the subject. Then I saw Naomi’s name popping up all over the place, and I finally gave in and bought it.

I haven’t regretted that choice for a single moment. If you could stand to have your SEO whipped into shape, and you don’t have the money to get a private consultation (great gobs of money if you don’t want to do a workshop for thousands of dollars), it is worth every penny you spend on it. Need more justification? It is currently $39. That is like 8 visits to Starbucks. Fancy coffee or more eyes on your site turning into more business for you? Yeah, that is what I thought — go ahead and click here. (If you’re really scared, it has a 100% guarantee from Naomi, so you’re pretty much golden.)

Between Ninja SEO School and using Scribe to make SEO copywriting simple, my traffic has been higher than ever before. SEO for the win! (Psst… when I was done with the SEO School, I picked up the Click here to view more details as well. It is just as awesome! Worth checking out. After you finish SEO school, that is.

Getting Down to Business

WordPress + Scribe SEO Plugin…

Copyblogger is one of my favorite sites to read, full of so much good information about building a better blog. So when Brian started talking about a WordPress plugin to help improve your blog’s SEO, I was really curious and couldn’t wait for it to come out! Scribe makes copywriting for SEO so simple and easy! Check out the Copyblogger post about Scribe for more details!

I’m using it along with the All In One SEO Pack Plugin, so when I finish writing a post I add a Title, Description, and Keywords there, this is something the SEO Experts in Salt Lake City Utah advised me. Then I choose “Analyze” on the Scribe Plugin, and it reviews what I wrote and makes suggestions of things I can do to help my SEO for my post.

No more trying to write an exact match domain by Silver Dollar SEO Madison post stuffed with keywords. Just write naturally. Then take a minute or two with Scribe to help make your SEO rock! It will show you what the search engines will think you’re writing about, and suggest changes based on what text people use when they search for things online – helping people find you!

All of this comes with a very, very small price. I can tell you that since putting this into place on my wedding photography blog, my inquiries *and* bookings have increased, so it has definitely paid for itself! Matter of fact, I’m considering paying for a full year in advance! Definitely worth every penny!

Scribe will come in 3 plan levels at 3 different monthly price points:

  • Advanced: 300 evaluations a month (around 100 pages or posts) for $97
  • Publisher: 120 evaluations a month (around 40 pages or posts) for $47
  • Starter: 30 evaluations a month (around 10 pages or posts) for $27
  • But until February 26, 2010, at 6:00 pm Central, you get the Advanced plan for the Starter priceonly $27 per month (and you keep that price for as long as you stick with Scribe).

    You can’t beat that. It is one of the best deals around, and as more and more people research & plan their weddings online, you want to be up there at the top!


It is All a Matter of Perspective…

I logged in to WordPress to write a post, and then I saw the number. This blog has 29,330 comments. 670 comments shy of 30,000 comments. Real comments, not counting the spam ones Akismet has caught.


Granted, it has been around since 2000, but there have been a few starts & stops along the way. Just 670 away. 670 seems like a huge number, but then you look at it in the context of 30,000, and it becomes pretty small. I should do something special when I reach that mark, don’t you think? What should I do? Give me some ideas – lets have some fun with this!

Meanwhile, sorry for the silence. I’m wrapping up SEO & Better Blogging Site Reviews, and helping with a ShootQ set-up. Meanwhile, Mike & I did a pretty big blog move for Tasra of Tasra365 (I know the new site’s name, but I can’t share!), although to be honest Mike did most of the heavy lifting on that. It involved a WP migration along with a TypePad export & migration. The TypePad one was a bit tricky, as an export through their system doesn’t bring over all the image files. Mike sorted that all out though, and the new site looks fabulous with the tweaks Tasra has made! Now that we’ve worked out all the kinks on TypePad to WordPress migrations, we’re ready to help others with theirs as well! Sound like something you need? Let me know!

On the photography front, I have a lot of 2009 weddings, engagement sessions, and more to blog about over on the wedding photography site. Later this week, I’m going to start with the recaps. It has been an AMAZING year, and I can’t wait to share! The year isn’t over though — I have two more boudoir sessions and two more weddings, with one of the weddings being on New Year’s Eve!

I always wonder if people think the silence means I’m not doing anything — when, in fact, it usually means the opposite! It feels like 2009 has just blown right past. I can’t believe it is almost over!

Leave me a comment – it would be kind of awesome to wrap up 2009 by hitting that 30,000 mark!

SEO for Wedding Vendors

Making Your Blog Savory for Clients and Delicious for Google with SEO!

You want Seo Consultant to just give your site all the love and attention that you think it deserves. You want to be at the top of all the search results. You want your site to be usable, something that has everything that your clients need so that when they find you through Google or any of the other search engines they can figure out how to book you. But you’re lost. You have no idea where to start. You’re a photographer, wedding planner, florist, cake artist, caterer or (fill in the blank) — not a website designer or Search Engine Optimization specialist. How on earth are you supposed to do it all?

That is ok! The time has come – I’m here to help! (I feel like I should have a superhero cape on as I type that.)

For over 10 years, I’ve helped people build better websites. (Garden Ridge, Canyon Ranch and even Jewel (the singer) are on my list of companies I’ve worked with.) I’ve studied, researched, attended conferences, and learned so much over the years. Now it is your turn. I want to share my knowledge with you. This is your chance for your very own SEO, Better Blogging & Site Review! YAY!!!

SEO, Blog & Site Reviews will consist of an initial conversation to discuss what your target market is and who your primary competition is, and any goals you might have for your website. I will then review your site from top to bottom and behind the scenes for SEO, usability, and overall things that can be improved.

With Amazowl’s Amazon Marketing Training, you need to have a process for handling shipping, providing tracking, responding to emails, and every other aspect of the interaction between yourself and Amazon, and yourself and Amazon’s customers (most important of all).

When all that is done, I’ll prepare a CUSTOM report of my findings, going over different specific things that you can do to improve your site immediately, and boost your Search Rankings for the long haul. Full of tips to make your blog and your website better, from best practices to things that will make your business rock. We will then set up a 1 hour call (or meeting if you’re local) to discuss the report and any questions that they might have. It is all about you and what you need!

SEO Site Reviews will be $500 through the end of 2009. Want to sign up right now? Just can’t wait? Want a special deal? The first 10 clients to sign up and pay for their review will get a special rate of $250!

If you set up a One-on-One Workshop with me, even after those first 10 spots are gone, you’ll be able to add on the SEO Site Review for $250 through the end of 2009. All sorts of business goodness in one package!

Ready to have your site reviewed? Don’t want to sit in a workshop or read books and learn about things that have nothing to do with what you specifically need? Feel like you need more support along the way? I can’t wait to work with you! You can use this form to contact me. You can click here to learn more about me and click here to read about other things I can do for you. Want one of those 10 half-price spots? Hurry up before they are GONE!

Update: THREE of the first ten spots remain! (as of 10/9/09 at 3pm)

Getting Down to Business

SEO Goodness Coming Directly to You SOON!

It has been a long time coming – after lots of planning and preparation, I’ll soon be announcing custom blog & site reviews for SEO* and just general savory goodness. A top to bottom review of YOUR site, focused on what YOU need to do. You won’t be hearing the same thing that 20 other people in the same room hear, none of which is targeted to your exact needs and your way of doing business.

I’m finalizing the last of the details, so stay tuned for more details by the end of this week and a SPECIAL for the first 10 people to sign up! Photographers, wedding planners, florists, bakers, or anyone that owns a creative business – this is something that will definitely help you! It is something I’ve been doing for over 10 years, and I’m so excited to be helping my peers with this.

Let me know if you want to know more! You can always add this to your One-on-One Workshop if you’re interested as well!

Before you hire anyone to help you with SEO – whether it is an SEO expert that does the placement work for you, a workshop, or anything else – do yourself a favor and read this article on the 7 best things good SEOs should do.

* In case you were wondering, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization – it is all the yummy goodness that brings people to your website. It is more than your Google Page Rank – there is a whole planning process behind it. To help your business grow, you should know as much as possible about SEO.