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Tweets for 2009-09-21…

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Tweets for 2009-09-20…

  • Dirty Dancing and Roadhouse double feature at the Silverado theater this afternoon! Awww… Patrick Swayze. Nobody puts Baby in the corner! #
  • @gafl delete the 1:1 previews, you can then render minimal ones – much smaller. Less space. I thought previews stored w/ catalog though. in reply to gafl #
  • When I first saw Dirty Dancing in the 80s I had no idea that Swayze was a trained dancer, I had no idea you had to take dance classes for boys in order to dance like that. Makes the movie even better knowing that! #
  • RT @zappos: "The real measure of your wealth is how much you'd be worth if you lost all your money." -Unknown (via @greenorchid) #
  • @daimo42 that is a bit heavy at the upsell attempts. Somehow ironic considering your job. 😉 We need to talk soon, by the way. in reply to daimo42 #
  • Forgot to mention it is a Patrick Swayze double feature at the movies. Roadhouse just started! I think it his only movie I've never seen. #
  • Roadhouse is full of a million examples of WTF??? were we thinking in the 90s – both fashion and hair. Ouch. So very bad! #
  • @regalaffair Yes, yes, I had somehow managed to miss the brilliance that is Roadhouse before. @DayToRemember I actually commented on both! in reply to regalaffair #
  • Anyone know how I can copy my LR presets from my MBP so I can put them on the iMac? Can't find them on the hard drive. Ugh. Heeeeelp… #
  • @shutterblog OMG. That is too funny! Are you going to stealth photograph their ice cream date? We need photos! in reply to shutterblog #
  • Props to @clickwindrepeat – LR presets found! User –Library > Application Support > Adobe > Lightroom > Develop Presets > (Presets HERE.) #
  • I think I'm in heaven. @bmbosse is now doing proofing for me. *swoon* My life just got SO much easier. So, so, so much easier. #
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Tweets for 2009-09-19…

  • Only 8 hours left on the AWESOME Canvas Print Sale!!! Time for a holiday gift! Book a session & pre-purchase! #
  • @adamnyholt What is really interesting is to see where the drop is in car crash deaths & how it corresponds to seat belt requirement laws. in reply to adamnyholt #
  • Awesome boudoir session with Mrs D, emails sent about the special canvas sale. Now it is time to get my KNIT on! Yaaaaayyyyy!!! #
  • @kenkienow Bwahahaha! Hey, you said you wanted one. I'm happy to help. I'm sure your family would LOVE a 60×90 canvas of you on the wall! in reply to kenkienow #
  • @nadnuk @jenXer can you develop a sudden bug related to fiber and leave work to join me? Because the more the merrier! Knit & crochet on! #
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Tweets for 2009-09-18…

  • Sending lots of love out to @cybertoad – hope the dogs let you rest so you can recover quickly! *mwah!* #
  • Sitting here at @DonnaVB's studio, I just booked a wedding back in Houston using @ShootQ! Yay! 2010's calendar is filling up! #
  • On the plane to head back to Houston! Bye @DonnaVB, Kelli & Savannah! It was fun! #
  • @adamnyholt I think the turnaround might be faster with boxes by @cypressalbums. 800 prints, so you need 4. They're gorgeous! Wow. 3000. in reply to adamnyholt #
  • @gabrielryan have you tried using the Lightroom screensaver to run the show? I like doing that for mine. in reply to gabrielryan #
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Tweets for 2009-09-17…

  • Just bought @josevilla's 85mm f/1.2 – I've been wanting it for months, perfect time to make it happen! SO EXCITED!!! #
  • – Lunch with @DonnaVB, @customcakes, Kelli & John at Mrs Wilkes – Savannah's finest! Yum! #
  • Wanted for hire: Person with Cold Fusion experience to pull data from custom CMS so it can be moved into WP. Hook me up, twitterverse! Help! #