The Families…

It is so hard to watch all of the families on the news, hearing their personal stories. All of these people searching for their loved ones. And then, the CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald, totally breaking down – because he took his son to the first day of school he wasn’t there … but 700 employees were, and none have been found. 700 from one company alone. And the remaining employees (I think there were 300 or so not there due to vacation, appointments, etc) voted today to go back to work when the bond market opened this morning. How hard.

Those walls full of pictures, posters of people looking for their family members. And so many of those may not ever truly get closure, their loved ones may never be found. *sigh*

Don’t forget, 7pm on Friday – go outside and light a candle. I have them lined up & ready on my patio, and if I can find a flag and get my dad to come put up a flag holder for me, I am putting that outside too. Then I might go & find the yellow ribbon I wore throughout Desert Storm. It was upsetting to hear that they are considering calling up the Reserves for the first time since Desert Storm.

My prayers for everyone have been constant. May we all find peace.

By Christine

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