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The First Leg…

It’s only taken me a week to finally get around to watching the first leg of The Amazing Race which aired last Wednesday. I was too busy that night getting the update on Hurricane Lili and coordinating dinner plans with Jish for the next night.

I thought the first leg was pretty good, the team *I* would have picked didn’t lose, and … I took notes. If you want to know what happened, read on… (Obviously, there are spoilers there. Don’t read them if you don’t want them.)

Now I’m watching the second leg of TAR from tonight, so I’ll be summing that up too. More to come soon.

First leg of The Amazing Race:

Heather & Eve – Law school grads of Harvard. Who the HELL told Eve to wear those tube tops??? She is wearing them with 2 different outfits in the intro clip. Augh! And I really admire women who say they are going to play in to the “we’re female, we’re helpless” thing. Uh, yeah. That’s so not cool.

Dennis & Andrew – Strict Southern Baptist Dad that doesn’t like the fact that his son is gay and a cheerleader. I give them until round 5.

Flo & Zach – what’s up with his hair? *shiver* Cut it now. Please.

Those twins just need to be smacked. Oh, I forgot. Twins AND models. Sorry, my mistake.

Gina & Sylvia – Soccer Moms? It’s one thing to be proud of being a SAHM, but they are just taking it too far.

Teri & Ian – Married couple, yet it is scary how much they look like each other in the opening clip.

Andre & Damon – I wonder how much their military background will help them.

Ken & Gerard – wow! Two gay men on the show!

John Vito & Jill – Jill is just … scary. Those damn jeans that looked like they have been warn down and are dirty. And is his name really John VITO? OH my.

Leaving Florida, off to Mexico … and a Soccer Mom takes a dive on the ground. Oops! I’m surprised that they are limiting which airlines (or is it flights?) that they can use. Oh! The cop ran the red light! That’s classic! Derek thought he would be really smart and take an alternate routhe … and now they are lost! Ha! (Do these people ever watch the previous seasons?)

The law girls are asking for DONATIONS??? Dear lord. They must have been reading the “Save Karyn” site. This is just insane!

Sassy gay son? I’m going to smack him. Fast. I can just see it coming.

If you’ve never watched this show, you have to understand – the great equalizers are the airlines and the cabs.

Aaron & Arianne – I like them so far. Not sure why, probably just the fact that they were calm and composed. Meanwhile, the twins left their bags IN the cab and now it’s not there? Good one guys…

Wonder twins! I love it! They think it’s smart to just jog to the fast-forward spot – and they don’t get it! Ha! “Those pretty boys are goin’ down!” Ha! Meanwhile, Ken & Gerard won the first leg of the race!

I can’t believe how many teams on the 2nd bus chose to take the donkeys. And meanwhile Eve is wigging out about skydiving. Once again – don’t these teams ever watch the previous seasons of TAR?

What, did Teri & Ian beat up their donkey cart driver and dump him? Because where is he? Why is Ian driving the cart???

As people show up at the pit stop I love how Phil psychs them out. “John Vito and Jill…” (pause) “you’re team number 5.” You can tell they are all just waiting to be told “you have been eliminated…” I love it when Tramel & Talicia found out that they were in 10th place – that was GREAT!!!

Damn. Twins are 11th … bye-bye Soccer Moms. Derek & Drew’s statement at the finish line? “We are by far the worst amongst all these people.” Yeah, you got that right. Soccer Moms had a good attitude about losing, and they even managed to make me a bit misty-eyed…

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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does that mean you still might have a copy of the first leg??? I missed it myself… and have been holding out for the 2nd to see it all in order! (besides I have plenty of tv watching from the past two weeks I haven’t seen yet!)

I was pretty sad that the soccer moms were the first to go – the twins definitely don’t deserve to stay in til the end. If they do, then something is seriously messed up in the world, because they’re complete idiots.

Wait, Ken and Gerard are brothers not the new team Cha-Cha-Cha. Right? Was confused whether you meant there were two gay men (as in including Andrew) or Ken and Gerard were the two (as in together) gay men.

This is what I get for watching the Bachelor instead. But damnit no one wanted to play TAR blog and Mike taped the Bachelor for me (I’m working during prime TV time and no Tivo. I’m insane.)

Ken and Gerard are brothers and only one is gay.

However, I think we have a few closet gays on the show. Like the twins maybe? There is something off about those two.

And Arron? I think we have a Wil & Grace thing happening here.

Well now. Isn’t that special? There is nothing quite as precious as some wimp who can’t even use their own name and posts a comment like this on a post that is about to roll off of the main screen.

Watch it or I’ll get out the Blog Raid and your ass will be banned for good. Thanks. Buh-bye.

derek & drew are what keep me watching each week. damn, could they be any more gorgeous! glad their mom decided to make two! should have gone for triplets!

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