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Yep, Kerry lost. Bush won. Fine. I’m at least happy that we finally have a president elected by the popular vote. I still think that the Electoral College should be modified to vote in percentages or it should be abolished completely. I realize that Kerry lost the popular vote, so this wouldn’t have mattered much this time – but it still needs to be changed. I was happy to see that 45% of Harris County (Houston) voters voted for Kerry. It’s nice to know I’m not completely surrounded by Bush supporters. Not that I don’t like Republicans – I agree with them on many points. Just not all.

Tom DeLay was elected again. I’m terrified of what that man might do this time around. I didn’t get to vote against him, as I’m in one of the new districts. I’m still convinced that he is the son of Satan or something equally evil.

Like many people, I’m glad the election is over.

Hmmm… I wonder if Mike can get transferred back to London for the next 4 years…

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I agree.. the Electorial College should be dissolved. Its an arachaic measure left ovre from the days of the pony express and stage coaches. In a modern society like ours where everything is beame immediately via satellite, internet, telephone, etc.. the Electorial College is just not needed.

I say go strictly by Popular Vote. 52% wins.

Actually – he didn’t cancel Houston; according to it is just rescheduled:

The dates have been rescheduled as follows:
Denver – Pepsi Center – Wed., Nov. 10
Houston – Toyota Center – Wed., Nov. 17
Dallas – American Airlines Center -Sat., Nov. 20

*WHEW!* I would have been really bummed if it had been cancelled completely!

I don’t think the college should be dissolved (and yeah, I’d be saying this if bush won popular but lost electoral college). statistics leave far too much room for error. even in the 2000 election, claiming one or the other as the popular vote victor was erroneous becuase it didn’t account for a margin of error, which is the responsibility of anyone analyzing statistics.

I agree that reshaping the college is a good idea, though. I would very much be for proportional votes cast. If a candidate takes 60% of a state, give him 60% of the electoral votes, and the second place guy the remaining 40%. I think this would help offset massive states like Calif (which was remarkably close, considering their liberal tendancies) and Florida. It would also make for a dilemma in who gets a majority. under this system, it’s far more likely for a candidate to have the majority of votes but not meet the 270. that would have to be revamped, too.

if this were to change, people would feel their vote is proportionally represented, even in non-swing states. and it wouldn’t get into the messy crap I mentioned before of statistical issues with the popular vote.

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