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Today’s Lesson..

If you’re running MT, go in to MT and back up your blog. Run an export. Now. No, really. Now. Yes, I broke a blog yesterday, and now I have a ton of work ahead to fix it. Do exports – often.

By Christine

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There is a template you can make that will automaticly export when you post or rebuild, it slows down the posting by a little bit but it can save your ass in the long run. Just make a new index templage and put the code from this page in. Have it create a file called “export.txt” and it will export to a TXT file for ya. You might have already known about that, but if not, now you do! (That works with 2.0, with a little hacking it could work with 1.4)

Yep, we posted about it over at ScriptyGoddess awhile back – but it wasn’t my site that I had this issue with, so this wouldn’t have helped. Plus – after what we went through at the beginning of April – if you don’t ever download that file and you get locked out of your server it doesn’t do you a whole lot of good! LOL

We must be having ESP. I finally used my backup drive yesterday for the first time on the new computer and was thinking that it was time to backup my blog. Doing it right now. Thank you.

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