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Too Far?

Have you heard the news? (I literally heard it from Mike who is sitting two chairs away.) It seems that the House cafeterias change names for ‘french fries’ and ‘french toast’. Call me crazy, but don’t the elected officials that are running this nation have better things to do then to change the names of food in the cafeteria?

By Christine

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21 replies on “Too Far?”

Don’t be worried. If they’re voting on changing the names of french fries, then they aren’t working on something that could really hurt us…

Even worse, french toast was invented by Joseph French, at a roadside tavern not far
from the city of Albany in 1724.

An American made french toast. And they think somehow that his last name is downplaying patriotism.

I truly like to believe that the people running are country aren’t idiots, but…

I think it stems from the fact 1)that France got all pissy (Oh, gee, imagine that) that we call “Dijon” mustard “Dijon” mustard when, in fact, it’s not from Dijon and 2)that France is a big pile ‘o wussies. I will definitely be calling them “Freedom Fries”, etc. I may be the only one, but I think it was a damn good move and a humorous one at that!

i’m confused i thought the french goverment were our friend’s after america saved their butt’s from germany.but now i find that they are a bunch of corrupt coward’s. are all french people this way? in my opinion they are.

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