Trick – or – Treat!

So a guy wore a flashing pumpkin pin and a gal wore orange and black striped socks and a Snoopy Halloween T-Shirt to work yesterday and Two employees fired for Halloween clothes. Yes, fired. And if you ask me, when “Monday’s e-mail clarified the policy: “Anyone wearing costumes, or modifying their appearance whether by makeup or change to their outward appearance to show defiance will have their employment terminated.” I don’t consider a pin or a t-shirt and socks “defiance”. Yes, full costumes can be distracting at work. But a PIN??? Come on. I normally wear my Halloween necklace every year, but I forgot about it yesterday. I can’t imagine being fired over it! (Article found thanks to Candi)

Did you have trick-or-treaters? I took Jason out in my parent’s subdivision, just the blocks right around there house, and there were TONS of kids out. He ended up with a nice big bag full of candy. Not everyone was passing out – but not everyone has in years past, so I wasn’t surprised. Seemed like a normal Halloween, and I am glad. I was really disappointed to see that the mall had cancelled their celebrations. We have never gone, but I know people that go every year. I think it’s really important to keep things as “normal” as possible when it comes to children. It’s not easy, and I understand the concerns that people have – but I am glad Jason had a nice normal trick-or-treating night. At the age of 9, we might not have too many of those left!

By Christine

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We had SO many trick-or-treaters this year! It’s our first year in a house/real neighborhood — we’ve always been in apartment complexes before. We had four big bags of candy, plus all the change-favors I put up in my blog — and we still ran out. Before Todd could get all the lights off and decorations down, they were still knocking! I had to dig into my purse-stash and we passed out a few jawbreakers and lollipops from the cabinet before we closed up shop. It was truly comical — we thought we’d be passing out canned goods there for a bit!

are there any malls in houston doing anything for our trick-or-treaters tomorrow ? I just moved here from louisiana and am looking for safe places to go that you don’t have to pay for. any comments???

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