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Trick Or …

I’m not sure what Jason will be wearing for Halloween this year, but you can bet money on the fact that it will NOT be one of these costumes.

By Christine

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13 replies on “Trick Or …”

It’s one thing for an adult to wear something like that tongue in cheek to a party – I think the costume has Mardi Gras written allover it. But no child should even know what a pimp is! And looking at the outfits I’m now clear as to what the P. in P. Diddy stands for. That could be straight from the latest Sean Combs for kids fashion line. (Yes it exists!)

I’m amused because in the fifth grade the girls in my class actually had a “pimp” (since we grew up in the Eddie Murphy “Velvet Jones” era on SNL). That costume would’ve been perfect for him. 😉

I’m sorry – I know it’s sick and horrible and wrong and all that, but the very thought of some kid showing up on my doorstep dressed like that just cracked me up …

Oh, don’t feel bad for being amused by it – I laughed so hard I thought I was going to fall out of the chair. I think it’s absolutely freakin’ hysterical! (Still not getting one for my son though…)

Ha! There was a guy in one of my Economics classes a few years back, and he dressed his son up as “The Ladies Man” (from SNL). Funny? Yes. But the kids was about 6. I don’t know about that 🙂

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