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What is It?

My Dad cracks me up. Tonight we were swapping jokes, and he told me he cut this out of the trivia section of the newspaper. Think long and hard about it before you answer in the comments…

What is the first thing you know?

By Christine

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21 replies on “What is It?”

What TJ said!!

Back when I was an office jockey a couple of years back, that was my faaavorite joke… and when I told it most people would just look at me like I was nuts. Except my CFO. Everytime he walked by my office he’d whistle the theme to Beverly Hillbillies.

Love. that. joke.

It’s the theme song from Beverly Hillbillies – “Well, the first thing you know, old Jed’s a millionaire. The kinfolk say, Jed, move away from there.”

My dad told me this joke a while back, and while I didn’t find it funny, seeing him find it so funny made all of us laugh too, so I have good memories of this joke. LOL

I got it right away – but then again, I *loved* the Beverly Hillbillies when I was a kid, so “The first thing you know … old Jed’s a millionaire” cracked me up. Plus the fact that I kept pondering what was the first thing I knew. Uhm, life … the sound of my mother’s heartbeat …

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